How to choose a flattering dress? - MerryDress women dresses

Dresses are a common item of clothing throughout the year, so, every season, you can enjoy an impressive range and variety of fashion dresses tailored to each of the changing seasons.

The dress collection allows you to enjoy a wide range of items that include knit dresses alongside fabric dresses and lace dresses in various designs adapted to all the leading trends in the field of women's clothing.

Like any other season on the calendar, winter dresses are also classified into several different types of dresses, from a collection of everyday dresses that can be worn on the way to another day at the office to evening dresses tailored for special occasions, when all that is left is to choose the most flattering dress.

Many women who ask how to choose a flattering dress and actually shorten the selection process and go straight to the most flattering dresses instead of measuring countless dresses which on the hanger or mannequin, looked amazing.

flathering summer dress - MerryDressThere is no doubt that the shopping experience is a pleasant and even required experience for quite a few of us but sometimes we do not have time and we want to find the best dress in the shortest time or we prefer to measure only the dresses that will indeed compliment us.

So let's start by shattering the myth: a flattering dress does not necessarily have to be a dress that at first glance the feeling of "wow" envelops you and you immediately wanted this dress just because it is beautiful in your eyes.

A flattering dress is first and foremost a dress tailored to your shape and body shape. More than once or twice, we come across women who have decided to measure another dress out of desperation, who have not found another dress that they like at first glance and have done so only to mark V on all the dresses in the store.

As soon as they came out of the measuring booth, those women realized that this was the most appropriate and flattering dress there was and did not understand how they had not seen it before or why they had disqualified it so quickly!

So get a little tip from us: Do not judge a dress solely by its appearance and allow yourself to measure other dresses whose cut is therefore known to be flattering to you specifically.

It is important that you know your body type and what flatters you personally and go straight to such dresses. At the same time, allow yourself to explore new cuts all the time because there is likely to be more than one cut that flatters you.

In conclusion, whether you are short, tall, full, thin, with long legs or any other body type, know and be sure that you will find your dress.

Help our professional sales team at the branches or on the size guide on the website.

And we are sure that you can find even more than one dress (because between us, for whom only one dress is enough ...).

Remember, a dress that will flatter and sit on you is not necessarily a dress that you immediately liked on the hanger.

Here you find some flathering dresses for you! Check them out (-: